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Today is: Poniedziałek, 14 Październik 2019 name-day: Bernarda i Fortunaty
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Maybe it is hard to believe but in close neighborhood of Zielona Góra there is a very special municipality. Truly magical place although close to the city. We leave Zielona Góra behind, driving (national route no. 27) to Żary. And after just a few kilometers we can forget about traffic jams and dirty buildings. That is because we are passing green hills, driving straight on by almost empty road. We are in Świdnica municipality – different than any other. What distinguishes us?

First of all the location. The villages are scattered across the hills, between forests, fields and orchards. When travelling you can see roe-deer, stags and fallow deer herd. A truly idyllic landscape. Villages are in a distance from main roads so people do not mind speeding trucks. At the same time city is only ten minutes drive. It is a great place to live and relax. You can spend the whole days on the Świdnica Bay, and sleep in a nearby tourism farms. You can try climbing the wall in OSIR Bunker (the name comes from the non-random-location, in fact in a former German bunker.) You can be carried away by the wind or birds while horse riding or cycling in Źródlana Dąbrowa.

What else distinguishes us? The beautiful places. In each of the twelve villages located in the municipality you can find something to delight. Half-timbered church in Lipno, post-evangelical church in Letnica, mysterious park with giant oak trees in Grabowiec, Military Museum in Drzonów with over five thousand exhibits (it is second that well equipped museum in Poland) and of course St. Martin Church in Świdnica, which hides the remains of the Kietlicz Family. Not everyone knows that it is enough to reveal the corner of the carpet in sacristy to see the entrance to the old crypt.

Thirdly what distinguishes us is that we organize the best events throughout the whole year. Świdnica Land Days are always held in late June (usually last weekend). This is an annual celebration of municipality which counts over 700 years. There are many competitions, exhibitions, picnics and lots of fun. Elections of the Farmer of the Year and Peasant Woman of the Year is a cyclic, august event, which is becoming more and more popular. Not only residents of the Świdnica municipality are fighting for this prestigious title, but also Zielona Góra residents and people from nearby villages. The most popular competition is a rolling pin throw for women and harrow throw for the men. Additionally, the open air sculpturing in wood. The sculptures then decorate the municipality, the harvest festival, the Japanese Evening, and Photo Day, on which had arrived half thousand people. Only to take photos of St. Martin Church in Świdnica.

The municipality has ideal geographical location - there are various forms of relief such as the Zielonogórski Sandbank (Wał Zielonogórski), the Kosierska Plain (Równina Kosierska)  and the Głogowsko-Barucka Valley. The landscape is distinguished by a picturesque Zielonogórski Sandbank with the highest peak – The Wilkanowska Mountain (Góra Wilkanowska). The richness of natural environment (forests of various categories of protection, valuable components of animate and inanimate nature) is related to the presence of numerous wildlife sites under protection. In the municipality there are two protected landscape areas: "22-Zielona Góra Hills" and "23-Śląska Ochla Valley".

The municipality area covers three Forest Inspectorates: Zielona Góra, Krzystkowice, Nowa Sól. Location of the municipality, close neighborhood of Zielona Góra, the course of  important national routes (number 27 - Zielona Góra –Żary and 32 - Zielona Góra – Gubin) makes it a transit area and its accessibility is good. Świdnica is in 10 km distance from the capital of voivodship – Zielona Góra.

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